Ape Mint Live









Mint Space Giveaways!

2 Chances to Win a God Bull!

  • Everyone that mints during the 2/10 mint space is entered to win a Forest God.
  • Everyone who minted since the opening of the Ape Mint on 2/7 until the time we snapshot after closing  on 2/8 will be entered to win an Undead God.
  • Holder cannot sell or trade after snaphot.
  • We must mint out during the space for prizes to be awarded, so make sure to spread the news to mint!


2nd Free Loot Box!

  • Any wallet with 4 or more Apes as of our snapshot taken on 2/8 at 10pm CST qualifies for a bonus of 4 loot boxes
  • We’ll take another snapshot of all the wallets which MINT on 2/10 when our mint opens at 2PM CST and if these wallets have four or more Apes by the end of the mint then they’ll also be eligible for getting four more free loot boxes
  • Max of 4 Free loot boxes per wallet
  • This bonus is attached to the wallet and not to the Ape - so you can move/trade the Apes after we take the snapshot immediately after mint out.

Tokenized Community Ape Trait!

  • The top three communities that mint the most total Apes are going to get a custom Ape trait made specifically for that community!
  • The trait will be redeemable with your FREE Methane Tokens
  • Rally the troops and get that community representation in action!


Ape Mint Twitter Space

Set Reminder to Join our Official Ape Mint Twitter Space Friday, Feb 10th 2pm CST

Dynamic NFTs

Customize your PFP to reflect your digital identity like never before. 

A new phase in NFT ownership.

For the first time, full control over the appearance of your digital identity…whatever your mood is!

6 Month ETH-Back Guarantee

Web3's most rock-solid, risk reversing feature is back. Ape in with the confidence that you have a safety net in the form of a FULL MINT PRICE REFUND. What more do you need??


Trait Revolution

Customizable traits for your Ape PFP. Each an individual NFT (1155 ERC token) that can be added and removed from your Ape, stored in your wardrobe, sold, traded, and more. 

Our trait ecosystem will be a whole new adventure in digital collectibles.