ETH-Back Guarantee


ETH BACK GUARANTEE The Bulls and Apes Project (“B.A.P.”) Eth-Back Guarantee program gives each holder who minted a B.A.P. the right to claim a reimbursement of the holder’s minted B.A.P. for any reason subject to the conditions set forth below. To be eligible for the B.A.P. Eth-Back Guarantee, the following conditions must be met: 1) A holder must have minted a B.A.P. Ape from the website; 2) A holder must hold a minted B.A.P. APE for at least thirty (30) days and no later than one-hundred eighty (180) days after February 7, 2023 (“Claim Period”); 3) A holder must keep the minted B.A.P Ape. in the same wallet it minted or in a wallet the holder transferred to within a 3-hour window from the time of mint (the 3-hour window will be limited to a single transfer) from between February 7, 2023 up to one-hundred eighty (180) days after the mint date; and 4) A holder must not utilize any of the utility of the B.A.P. Ape including equipping or removing traits, enabling the Methane multiplier, or opening any common lootbox either obtained using Methane or obtained for free with the minting of a B.A.P. Ape between the time it mints the B.A.P. up to one-hundred eighty (180) days after the mint date If a holder satisfies each and every of the conditions identified above, the holder may seek reimbursement of its minted B.A.P. Ape by claiming it on the B.A.P. website (“Website”) in exchange for the holder’s minted B.A.P Ape. B.A.P. will not reimburse any and all gas fees the holder spent to purchase its minted B.A.P. on the mint date and any gas fees the holder spent in claiming a reimbursement pursuant to the Eth-Back Guarantee program. To avoid all doubt, a holder who qualifies for the Eth-Back Guarantee Program will receive no more than the original mint price. To ensure there is sufficient liquidity to fund any and all disbursements of funds to each holder who qualifies for the Eth-Back Guarantee, B.A.P. will keep all funds generated on the mint date in wallets that will be publicly displayed. The mint funds will be kept in these wallets for at least one-hundred eighty (180) days after the mint date and may only be used for two purposes during the one-hundred eighty (180) day period, which are as follows: 1) To reimburse any holder who is eligible for the Eth-Back Guarantee program; or 2) To transfer to a Treasury or Operational wallet once it is determined that a holder no longer is eligible for the Eth-Back Guarantee program

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