ETH-Back Guarantee


Our goal has always been to change the NFT space by bringing legitimacy and professionalism to our project.


No more Rug Pulls. No more scams. Because our project is fully funded pre-mint, we do not need the funds of the Mint to run the business. We can lock these funds up to protect YOU, our NFT holders. We are offering the industry's first-ever 6-month eth-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our project, the floor price drops below your comfort level, or you want to return your bulls to us for any reason at all, you can participate in our eth-back guarantee. The refund process begins on day 31 post mint and lasts until day 180 (6 months from the mint.)


Everything is built into the audited smart contract, and everything will be transparent on our website. Just connect your wallet, and go through the prompts to automatically get your refund (not including gas price.)


To protect our company and community, we have just two rules:


You cannot withdraw any of the tokens the Bull generates or use any of the utility.

After minting you will have three hours to complete one transfer to a secure wallet. After this transfer or when the three hour window closes you cannot move the bull to any other wallet -- this includes selling it, as that moves the bull to another wallet.


It's very simple and easy to remember. And it protects you and every one of our community members. We only want holders that see our vision and want to be in this long term. Don't ask for ETH-Back Guarantees in your projects... DEMAND IT!

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