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Welcome back to the B.A.P. Beat, our weekly newsletter for the Bulls and Apes Project Community.

It has been a great week with so many things going on. We had multiple contests running, awesome prizes handed out, amazing shows and Twitter Spaces, and so much more being worked on for you by the B.A.P. team.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened!


Q1 2022

  • 100% pre-funded
    • B.A.P. is 100% fully pre-funded through mint
  • Doxxed Founders
    • The Founders Doxed themselves. They are global corporate leaders and serial entrepreneurs.
  • Last company they co-founded is now part of a 1.5B$ enterprise which is going public.
  • ETH Back Guarantee B.A.P.
    • introduced the first ever 6-month ETH Back Guarantee in the NFT space
  • Physical Card Game Prototyping
    • Prototyping has begun for the physical card game that will tie the first mints together.
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Community Growth Council - The council had their first meeting this week! We are excited to see this community driven and community focused group begin to organize and make plans to bring even more value to all of your goals for the Bulls and Apes Project


Trait Group Contest - Last Friday we introduced the Twitter Banner Contest to our Trait Groups. They get to partner up with one or two other Trait Groups to create a B.A.P. banner using their creativity. The voting is happening in our Discord. Everyone is encouraged to not only vote, but also invite anyone and everyone you know to join the Discord and vote for their Team’s banner. It is really a lot of fun with you all in there! The winners will be picked today and they will get their winning banner displayed on the Bulls and Apes Project Twitter account for the next week.

God Bull Starter Pack

Friday we announced the winner of the amazing starter pack. What a way to get a jump start on getting one of those coveted God Bulls! 1 raffle ticket was given to a participant for every 3 OG Bulls bought during the contest.


THE WINNER IS ………. HuskerFan!!!          Congratulations


HuskerFan won 4 Teen bulls, 1 Merger Orb, and 3,000 METH Tokens!

Space Wars

This has been a lot of fun to watch as the leaderboard changed this week and see our community fight to see who would win the most METH. It is truly awesome to see how much this community loves to talk about the Bulls and Apes Project and why others should come join us. Space wars is wrapping up today and we can’t wait to tally up and share the final results with you.


The newly formed Scam Squad will be a community led effort to provide NFT Security and Scam support and awareness...


We’ve had multiple media and podcast appearances this month, including:


We have been steadily building out our team, to where we now have over 40 team members...

NFT-101 and Security Courses

Have you ever thought, how can I help my friend / sister / brother / neighbor to understand what NFT’s are or how to help them stay safe while learning this new technology? We have two courses in the works to help you out, NFT-101 and a Security course. We are more than excited to bring education to everyone on topics that every person has had to learn, or is learning currently, coming into the Web3 space. This will be a great addition to the value being brought to the community and one that you can share with your loved ones.

VC Deal #7 with OpenSea

Just one of the utility Bulls and Apes Project provides the Inner circle members is the opportunity to invest in Venture Capital deals. Typically all details about these deals are extremely confidential. For this ONE deal, we were given clearance to be able to share what company our Inner Circle had the chance to invest in. There are guidelines for gaining access to the deal flows we bring. You can find more information regarding how to be added to this channel in the discord. As of this writing, we have announced a total of 8 deals so if you want to be alerted to the next one, be sure to jump in Discord and ask one of our amazing moderators to help you.


We have been steadily building out our team, to where we now have over 40 team members.

We have brought on full time managers for projects, community growth, and utility development. We also transitioned from an external tech contractor to a full in-house dev team.

The internal dev team has increased our speed and efficiency and we have been able to make updates to our technology features much quicker than before

Tokenomics Tuesdayiness

We had a blast with you this week! This is always the main spot to grab any juicy B.A.P. alpha. If you want to know anything about the tokenomics, strategy, and gamification for the Bulls and Apes Project this is the place you want to be. Tankman will get you headed in the right direction for sure.

The Weekly Fix Live - Tankman and FlyRyde hosted an amazing show this week featuring special guest @BrookjLacey talking about women in Web3. They were also able to give you everything you want to know about NFT Las Vegas with special guest @Keri. If you missed it, you're going to want to check out the replay on YouTube here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf-7AkcAJ7I

The Daily Drop -

HerCrypto and CarBar were on a roll (even if HerCrypto did all the heavy lifting while Carbar kept his toes in the sand). They had a couple special guests this week on their shows. On Monday they hosted singer-songwriter Mike Bass (@mikebassmusic) who caught us up on the next EP he’s going to be releasing and played one of his new songs. They also had @stekisteks with the @metadragproject on Tuesday who were holding their public mint for their racing game this past Friday. They started the “Wednesday Welcome” as a segment to help newcomers to Web3 learn and ask questions. HerCrypto will tell you to put out in the universe what you want and you’ll get it because the segment was amazing with a newcomer, eager to learn all she could, hopping right on stage from the start and asking a bunch of great questions! If you missed it you can catch the replays from their Twitter account @Daily_Drop_Show.

Have you seen this Teen?

This week one of the community members @Mr_Takata_ minted this very rare Teen with the Sacrificer Cloak!

This hooded hoodlem ranks #2 on http://TraitRanks.com! What other rare Teens with cool new features will we see as our community mints these free mints. I’m sure we are all biting our nails each time we mint a Teen to see if Red pops up on our screen!


TraitRanks at traitranks.com has been updated to Version 0.5 Beta As we reviewed the rarities for all of the collections (Bulls, Gods, and Teens,) we noticed a number of traits that weren’t showing just how rare your bulls are. In addition to ranking God Bulls separately we have also adjusted some of the weightings to better reflect the collection and to align with the Teen Bull weightings

Primary TraitRanks changes:

  • Filter/Search by category function has been added to find the specific trait you want. (is this live?)
  • Floor pricing is available for every category in the BAP collection
  • Filter/Search by Buy Now to see bulls that are available for sale on OS with Buy Now prices set (Not auction or delisted bulls)
  • Search for multiple bulls at once by typing in multiple ID's separated by a space. With this feature you can see multiple bulls you’re considering buying at once!
  • METH token visibility on the Rarity card so you know how much unclaimed METH a Bull may be holding
  • Sort by METH token quantity from high to low
  • God Bull Rarity - God Bulls have been separated from the OG Bull rankings and been fully integrated into our Trait Ranks. This is a dynamic ranking and will change when a new God Bull is minted.

Coming Soon!

  • Teen Rarity - This is also a dynamic ranking and will change when a new Teen is minted or a Teen is burned
  • Rank Card will include breeding count remaining for each OG Bull
  • Filter OG Bulls by available breeding count remaining

We have all been in projects where information is scarce or hard to find. We are not going to be one of those projects and BEAT is going to be one of the ways we continue to share information. We also view feedback as a gift and want to embrace and listen to the community. We may not be able to act on all of the feedback and it may not be on the timelines you expect, but we do want to hear what is on your mind. We see amazing talent within this community and feel fortunate to have access to great ideas that can help shape B.A.P.

We are incredibly excited for what we have been able to deliver in a short period of time, but not nearly as excited as we are for the scope and magnitude of everything ahead.

We are grateful to be on this journey together with you!