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About the
Bulls & Apes Project

Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a generative 3D NFT project that aims to transform the industry by setting a new standard for what NFT collectors should expect and demand. 

We start with de-risking the NFT buying experience for you. We stand behind our products and will back them with an industry-changing 6 Month ETH-Back Guarantee, built right into the smart contract. Since our project is fully funded by our founders we can lock up the mint proceeds until we know you are thrilled to own our products.

Next, we have a fully-doxed team of founders with an incredibly successful track record.  We double-down by tokenizing our NFTs so that you earn exclusive tokens for simply holding them in your wallet, to be used for new mints, passes to IRL events, and future metaverse purchases.

We're producing superb art that we hope everybody will be delighted to show off as their profile picture.

Successful and doxed founders, fantastic art, backed by a rock-solid 6 Month ETH-Back Guarantee -- that’s what we believe should be expected by NFT collectors moving forward. 

Don't expect this -- demand it!

Our Team.

Our CEO and cofounder, Anthony Mongiello is an Operations and Technology Leader with almost 20 years of experience driving broad culture change, sharp business intelligence, strategic transformation programs, and technology roadmapping.

Our other two cofounders, Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol have worked on mobile games, software development, and marketing for most of their adult lives. The last project they cofounded had an incredibly successful exit and is now part of a $1.5 billion enterprise.


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