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Build Together, Grow Together

At BAPNation legends aren’t just born - they are crafted by strategically bold BAPsters who seize the opportunity in front of them.  We are a launchpad for those daring enough to dream big and brave enough to take action.  Here you get to craft your story, strategize your rise, and unleash your full capacity.  You have a network of achievers and a tool belt full of utility:

Your network is your net worth - Exclusive IRL events and the best digital community in web3

Become the ultimate collector - Top quality 3d NFTs, Immersive lore, and Layers of gamification

Entrepreneurship & mentoring - BAP Channels allow you to co-create and spearhead initiatives

Level up through education - NFT 101, Web3 security, Series 65

Investing - Access to curated Venture Capital opportunities & other partnership opportunities in defi and traditional channels


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Interested in Exciting Events and Elite Status?

Looking for Community? Have Diamond Hands??

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The ultimate choice for diamond hands - Receive access to the Inner Circle, VC deal flow opportunities, LEAD education, networking, early access to future ecosystem drops and much more

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B.A.P. Channels

 Build Together, Grow Together

Introducing a unique opportunity for community members to actively participate and influence the direction of B.A.P. It is important for us to open up real opportunities in a win-win way for those that want to do more than participate.

If you're passionate about contributing to our community, we invite Inner Circle members to apply for membership in the following roles:

B.A.P. Market Maker

You may be a BAPster that has a vast network or is marketing savvy.  As a BAP Market Maker you can help drive sales for BAP Driver initiatives and earn commission for your efforts.  Participation will be 600 Meth per day.

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B.A.P. Driver

This will be a BAPster who wants to drive and spearhead an initiative.  They will have the opportunity to participate in profit sharing for the idea or product they drive.  This will be exclusive for God holders and participation will require 1000 Meth per day.

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Bulls & Apes Project

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Announcements for VC Deals, Feature Releases, Tokenized Communities, & More... 

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Bulls & Apes Project

Our Leadership

Anthony Mongiello has amassed nearly 20 years of experience as an Operations and Technology Leader. Anthony brings to our team his refined business insight and skill in broad company culture advancement. He’s also worked to plan and strategically implement transformation programs and is well-experienced in technology road mapping. Anthony connected with co-founders Gui and Manny through his involvement in the NFT space. The Bulls and Apes Project marks Anthony’s entrance into entrepreneurship.

Anthony Mongiello

Founding Partner

Gary Backe comes to the team with an entrepreneurial background which includes 26 years of experience as the Founding President of a multi-million dollar environmental construction company. His diverse interests across several industries have led to his experience as an Executive Producer of short films and CEO of a fitness company. Gary brings his vast knowledge, energy, and love for the NFT space to guide staff in developing product and initiative strategies.

Gary "TankMan" Backe


Tess is a remarkable individual with extraordinary professional experience. She is an active Venture Capitalist and thought leader in the web3 space. She has already made a major impact by becoming a speaker at significant events such as Art Basel and NFTNYC. Above all else, Tess puts her all into B.A.P., eagerly anticipating the growth of both the company and community.

Tess “HERCrypto” Robinson



Doctor Yev has quietly led the way in 3 different industries connecting unconventional ideas with execution. First in multidisciplinary research using deep data and biogeochemistry, appearing in the most prestigious science journals. Next developing a first-ever ad-tech software used by fast growing ecommerce brands surpassing $3B in revenue. In the past 2 years, connecting the best-practices of engineering with a web3-maxi perspective on blockchain building.

Doctor Yev


With two decades of professional experience that reflects a depth of valuable and diversified leadership experience across multiple industries, Chris brings leadership and innovation to the B.A.P. Team. Cool, calm, and collected under even the most challenging circumstances, he embraces the fluidity and pace of the Web3 industry. Armed with a creative outlook and witty sense of humor, Chris transforms the workplace into a playground of boundless inspiration. Chris eagerly anticipates the opportunity to further expand and enhance the remarkable creative achievements that have been meticulously crafted throughout BAP's impressive trajectory.

Chris "CarBar" Carulli


Sai, a multifaceted professional with a background in both engineering and product management, brings a wealth of experience and a customer-centric approach to his work. Having established himself as an OG from the transformative NFT summer of 2021, Sai has demonstrated his ability to navigate challenges and drive success. Fondly known as ""Davinci"" among his friends, Sai's diverse skillset and passion for assimilating knowledge from various disciplines enable him to build innovative products. With a methodical approach and meticulous attention to detail, Sai is dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences. His unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of his work.

Sai Subhash Yeniganti


Bohloul is a highly creative and passionate 3D character and texture artist with over 10 years of experience in the gaming and animation industry. He specializes in creating high-quality 3D characters from start to finish. Additionally, he has over 3 years of experience in art directing and worked on several game titles including PUBG mobile, Rise of Kingdom, Diablo Immortal, Lord of the Rings game, and many others.

Bohloul Belerak

3D Art Director



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