Phase 1: METH, Bulls, Teens & Gods
Phase 2: God Bull Utility
Phase 3: Teen Bull Utility
Phase 4: Enter Apes

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We have many ambitious plans for the future of the Bulls and Apes Project ecosystem, but let’s talk about what we’ve done already. 


We created a comprehensive digital ecosystem with 10+ different elements connected by our in-universe $METH (ERC 20) token and it has been live since the day we minted! With the goal of adding value to your NFTs and enhancing your ownership experience, we've designed the Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) as a tokenized game with numerous strategies and outcomes available to every player. Whether you’re a gamer approaching every move with passion and analysis, or you’re a passive player who loves to sit back and watch your Bulls earn on their own, we’ve got you covered - opportunities come in many forms at B.A.P!


Each Bull you own will be producing Methane (METH tokens) which you can later use to mint other NFTs, including Incubators, Teen Bulls, Merger Orbs, and more! Some of these new mints will be far rarer than the original bulls themselves, making it even more exciting for you to collect B.A.P. NFTs. You'll even be able to mint ultra-rare God Bulls into the primary Bulls collection (there are only 500!).


As the B.A.P. ecosystem grows, we will continue to build the utility and value of not just our NFTs, but of our native token, METH.


On the following pages, you'll discover the ins and outs of the Bulls and Apes Project tokenomics.


Genesis Bull


There will be 10,000 unique Bulls in the first collection. These bulls are special and have great utility. Every bull will have its own fantastic set of traits, some rarer than others. Bulls, along with tokens, will allow you to create Teen Bulls, which are required to summon God Bulls.



Methane Token (METH)


After first minting, a bull needs to graze in a wallet for 30 days before you can collect METH tokens it produces. This 'graze period' only applies to the initial mint.  Once you mint a bull, token generation begins. Bulls start generating 10 tokens per day from day 1, but these tokens only become available to be collected after day 31. (Please see FAQ for full token details.)





If you hold two bulls from the same guild, you can use 600 METH tokens to mint an Incubator. Incubators carry the baby bull in a dormant state, but using tech, you can generate a Teen Bull immediately by accelerating its growth .  All bulls have a limited number of incubators they can create.



Teen Bull


You can use Incubators to generate Teen Bulls. You can turn an Incubator into a Teen Bull by using 600 METH tokens. As with all teens, they are energetic, rambunctious, and unpredictable, so it's impossible to predict which guild they will be members of. Incubators can only be used once and are burnt after use. Teen Bulls have their traits and rarity and will be minted into their own collection. There will be a maximum of 12,500 Teen bulls in the collection, but via a deflationary process, while minting Merger Orbs and God Bulls, the final number will end up at 9,000 Teen Bulls.



 Merger Orb


You can use 2400 METH tokens to transform a single Teen Bull into a ball of energy called a Merger Orb. Merger orbs are required to create God Bulls. There is a maximum of 1490 total Merger Orbs that can ever be minted in the collection.



God Bull


God Bulls are the rarest and most powerful creatures in B.A.P. Nation. Only 500 will ever exist. You must hold 4 Teen Bulls, all from different guilds, and a Merger Orb before you can summon a God Bull. You will need to use 4800 METH tokens to activate the Merger Orb. The four teens will merge with the Merger Orb and be transformed into a rare God Bull when the merger completes. The Merger Orb and four teens will be burnt and the 4800 METH will be deducted from your wallet.



God Bull Powers


God Bulls accumulate power every hour based on their TraitRanks ranking. Holders can track power generation through our website.  The highest ranked God Bull reaches 100% of its power in 15 days while the lowest ranked God Bull reaches 100% power level in 30 Days. The rest of the God Bulls reach their max power level anywhere between 15 to 30 days based on their TraitRanks rankings.



God Box


Once God Bulls reach 100% power level, they’re able to use that power to allocate 600 METH tokens to open the ‘God Box’.  Opening the ‘God Box’ unleashes the randomly chosen God Bull Power. This is a separate NFT that can be used, sold on secondary, or traded. The God Bull Power will come in one of the following forms: 


  1. Breed Replenishment NFT 
  2. Teen Resurrection NFT 
  3. METH Machine NFT 


After you have claimed your God Bull Power, you can choose to reopen the God Box immediately to claim one more God Bull Power using an additional 1200 METH. This opportunity will be available for only one minute after you claim your initial God Bull Power.  After one minute, you will need to wait for the God Bull power to reach 100% again before being able to open the God Box. You may only claim an additional God Bull Power once after claiming the first God Bull Power. You have the option to claim an additional God Bull Power each time you open the God Box.



Breed Replenishment 


Breed Replenishment God Bull Power NFT is of the same Guild as the God Bull opening the God Box. The Breed Replenishment can be sold or traded to other wallets. To use this God Bull Power, you do not require a God Bull in your wallet.  

Using this power, you can replenish an OG bull with two, one, or zero breeds to a bull with all three breeds. This God Bull Power is guild specific and will only work on OG Bulls of the same guild.


 Teen Resurrection


Teen Resurrection God Bull Power NFT is of the same Guild as the God Bull opening the God Box and you may sell or trade them to other wallets. This God Bull Power is the only power that requires the user to hold a God Bull of the same guild in their wallet at the time the God Bull Power is used.

Using this power, you can resurrect a sacrificed Teen from the Underworld. The resurrected Teen must belong to the same guild as the God Bull Power. In order to maintain balance in the BAP universe, you must exchange a teen of the same guild as the resurrected teen.  Each newly resurrected Teen generates 5 METH tokens per day and this METH compounds daily; the same as the OG Bulls. This God Bull Power is guild specific and will only work on Teen Bulls of the same guild.



METH Machine


METH Machine God Bull Power NFT is of the same Guild as the God Bull opening the God Box. The METH Machine can be sold or traded to other wallets. This God Bull Power does not require you to use a God Bull. 

The METH Machine is guild specific and generates 5 METH tokens per day for each Teen Bull of the same guild held in the same wallet. You must harvest the METH Machine generated METH to the 'METH bank' daily as these tokens do not compound. You can claim your METH tokens from the Meth bank and move them to your wallet at any time. You will incur gas fees when you move your METH tokens from the METH bank to your wallet.


You must manually harvest METH tokens every 24 hours by going to the My Collection Page. You can only claim tokens that have been harvested.



Teen Bull METH Harvest


All Teen Bulls, except the Resurrected Teens or Teens currently under the influence of a Meth Machine, generate METH tokens daily. The number of tokens each Teen generates depends on the Teen Bull’s level. Each day, holders must harvest the METH Teens generate and transfer it to the METH Bank. The generated tokens do not accumulate.

Holders must visit the My Collection page daily at to harvest METH tokens. Once on this page, click Harvest all METH  to initiate the transfer of your Teen-generated METH to the METH bank. Holders may complete this process only once per day.

Tokens are available for transfer to wallets at any time. Applicable gas fees apply to transfer transactions. Only METH harvested by the current holder is available for claim.

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