Inner Circle


As with every aspect of the Bulls and Apes Project, we are always looking to deliver world-class value to our community, and that is especially true with our Live Your Best Life mantra. Beyond the traditional NFT scope, our project aims to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of our community members. Using the experience, knowledge, and connections our founders have accumulated over their careers, we intend to bring access to education, mentorship, and opportunity that many would never otherwise see.


How do we plan to accomplish this? By giving our holders access to what we refer to as the "Inner Circle".



  • Using the methods they perfected at Helium 10 in which they sought out and obtained any content that might bring value to their users, our founders will provide the community with access to top-notch informational content across industries. From NFT 101, Onboarding Web2 to Web3, Bitcoin Mining, you name it. If it has value, we’ll find it and bring it to you! 


Network Access

  • Owning our NFT is your membership to our network. And our network will be expansive. Using the superpowers of every member in that network, the sky is the limit to the connections our community can make- and we can make for you. 


Deal Flow

  • Our founders are serial entrepreneurs and with that comes access and knowledge that the average person will never see. We want to bring this to you, not in the form of financial advice but of opportunity.

    For example, the opportunity to invest in early-stage companies long before they go public (OpenSea, Metamask, and SpaceX are just some notable private companies that made investments available to our founders recently.)


  • IRL Events, Conferences, Networking, Parties

  • Partnerships

  • Physical and Mental Health Wellness

  • Mentorship/Development

  • Charity