Inner Circle

Owning just one Genesis Bull is your membership card into our community - the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is our exclusive community made up of Genesis and God Bull holders. 

Using the experience, knowledge, and connections our founders have accumulated over their careers, we intend to bring access to education, networking, and opportunity to our Inner Circle that many would never otherwise see.

Our goal is to deliver World Class value and to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of our community members. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of joining the Inner Circle.


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Venture Capital Deal Flow



The Bulls and Apes Project has deep connections into the investment world and we are leveraging these connections to bring VC deal flow opportunities to our Inner Circle.


In short, venture capital is a type of investment in which capital is exchanged for equity in emerging companies with remarkable potential for growth. Venture capital investments have funded some of the most well-known and technologically advanced companies that dominate their industries today, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Coinbase, and more.


Success in Venture Capital investments is determined by access to good deals, niche information, and analysis by experienced investors or firms. That is where we come in. As a member of the Inner Circle, you will have access to curated deals for individual companies and you will control which you companies you decide to invest in.


We carefully vet all of the available deals, using years of honed experience to select the opportunities we think are best suited to pass along to our holders. We negotiate on behalf of the Inner Circle to bring these opportunities to our Accredited Investors (per SECs definition) at a reduced carry (the % of profits you pay to the fund).


Not accredited yet? Don’t worry. We also provide our community with access to courses and guides to becoming Accredited Investors even without meeting the SEC’s financial requirements.


We are using every tool at our disposal to help those holders determined to take the next step forward towards their financial freedom. We see our ability to provide the Inner Circle access to this investment world as an unmatched opportunity - not just for an NFT project, but anywhere.





Using the methods they perfected at their previous company, Helium 10, in which they sought out and obtained any content that might bring value to their users, our founders will provide the community with access to top-notch informational content across industries and platforms. We are currently building our L.E.A.D. Advancement platform to provide valuable coursework to not only our Inner Circle, but the Web3 space as a whole.


Learn. Empower. Achieve. Develop. L.E.A.D. is an educational and growth platform built by the Bulls and Apes Project to create, source, and maintain a library of personal and professional advancement tools and information. Our goal for this platform is to share information with our community members and provide them with the opportunity to live their best life.


L.E.A.D. was created to help the Inner Circle and Web3 space as a whole reach their full potential. Our vision is to create a world of unlimited possibility. Our mission is to empower communities to build worlds where they can live their best life.


L.E.A.D. is currently building a library of information created internally and sourced externally. The Bulls and Apes Project team is continuously adding to this library so that our Inner Circle members and the NFT Community at large benefit from the immense value we are compiling. Our team plans to include proprietary coursework, mastermind access, a networking directory, and a wide variety of educational tracks. Our library will continue to evolve and grow as new opportunities and information become available to our Inner Circle members and the Web3 space.



Network Access


We believe our community is made up of like minded individuals looking to push the envelope, take steps towards their financial freedom, and live their best lives.


As a member of the Inner Circle you will gain access to not only the value and opportunity brought to you by the Bulls and Apes Project, but invaluable exposure to like-minded community members that now make up your B.A.P. network.


The opportunity to learn from and grow with members of the community is something we have (proudly!) witnessed as the project has grown. We’ve seen the formation of well organized trait groups, businesses spring from incubation within the community, and even new NFT projects born from lessons learned at B.A.P.


As our network continues to grow, so too will the connections and opportunities within B.A.P. grow.



Future Plans

  • IRL Events, Conferences, Networking, Parties
  • Partnerships
  • IP Development
  • Physical Products
  • Charity

Venture Capital Deal Flow is an Unprecedented Opportunity Being Offered By The Bulls and Apes Project

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