Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Bulls and Apes Project and some of the questions we thought you'd want to hear the answer to.

Do you have a Discord?

Yes, we do. You can join here: https://discord.com/invite/bullsandapesproject

What can I do to help?

Spread the word. The more people that join, the bigger the community and the higher the floor price. The larger the community, the better our online and IRL events will be. Let's really turn B.A.P. into a global brand everybody knows.


When was the mint?

May 31st, 2022. 


What was the price of the mint?

0.17 ETH for Whitelists and 0.22 ETH for Non Whitelists. 


What blockchain is this on?

The Bulls & Apes Project is on the Ethereum blockchain.


Please explain your Money-Back Guarantee

We are changing how NFT Projects should be run in this space. No more Rug Pulls. No more scams. Because our project is fully funded pre-mint, we do not need the funds of the Mint to run the business. We can lock these funds up to protect YOU, our NFT holders. We are offering the industry's first-ever 6-month money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our project, the floor price drops below your comfort level, or you want to return your bulls to us for any reason at all, you can participate in our money-back guarantee. The refund process begins on day 31 post mint and lasts until day 180 (6 months from mint.)


Everything is built into the audited smart contract, and everything will be transparent on our website. Just connect your wallet, and go through the prompts to automatically get your refund (not including gas price.)


To protect our company and community, we have just two rules:

  1. You cannot withdraw any of the tokens the Bull generates or use any of the utility.

  2. You cannot move the bull to any other wallet -- this includes selling it, as that moves the bull to another wallet.


It's very simple and easy to remember. And it protects you and every one of our community members. We only want holders that see our vision and want to be in this long term. Don't ask for Money Back Guarantees in your projects... DEMAND IT!


What happens to the bull returns from the money-back guarantee?

They are moved to the treasury. We will recycle them back into the public at the right time.

What is the Creator Royalty for secondary sales?

For secondary sales on OpenSea and LooksRare there will be a 7% royalty that will be distributed to the treasury by OpenSea and LooksRare.

Are you using the funds from this mint to fund this project?
No, the project is already fully funded pre-mint by the founders.  This is why we are able to lock up the mint proceeds into the smart contract and use those for our industry-changing 6-month money-back-guarantee.  Almost no project is pre-funded like B.A.P. is doing -- so this is rare, and a treat for our community.

What kind of bulls are there?

In Mint #1, we have 3 different bulls. The first bull is the Original or OG Bull that everybody will be minting on launch day. Each Bull allows you to generate tokens which later allow you to mint Teen Bulls and God Bulls.


Why do you call it METH tokens?

METH is short for METHANE, a gas bulls are known to make in abundance. Everything about Mint #1 is Bull and Financial related. Bulls produce GAS, and we're all familiar with ETH Gas -- and we are confident people will remember METH as the token. Have fun with it. You'll also notice we used financial terms such as Incubator, Merger, Bull, and Ape. These are all words associated with the investment and NFT crowds.


Is there a limit to how many bulls I can own?

No, you can own as many bulls as you wish. The more bulls you have, the more Methane (METH) tokens you generate per day.


How many total bulls are there?

There are 10,000 total OG Bulls in Mint #1. In addition to this, our Bull NFT holders will have the ability to use their tokens to mint collections that will include 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls.


How many tokens does a bull generate per day?

An original bull will generate 10 tokens per day.


Where can I see how many Methane (METH) tokens my bulls have generated?

You can visit our Vault page on our website where you can connect your wallet to see what bulls you own and how many tokens they have generated.


How do I withdraw my tokens?

To withdraw tokens generated by any of your bulls, simply visit our website, select the Vault page, connect your wallet, and you can then see your Methane (METH) token balances and have the option to withdraw tokens or mint new characters.


I see tokens when I am connected at your Vault page, but I am unable to withdraw - why?

All bulls generate tokens from day 1. However, for the first 30 days after the mint date, the bulls are in a 'graze period' where the tokens cannot be withdrawn. If it's 31+ days post mint and you are having trouble, reach out to support in our Discord channel.


What is the GRAZE period?

On mint day, or day 1, the clock starts. The bulls start generating tokens. For the first 30 days, the bulls are grazing, thus they are in a 30 day 'graze' period. During this time, tokens cannot be withdrawn, even though they are being generated. Token withdrawing opens on day 31+.

Do I lose my Methane (METH) tokens if I sell or move my bull to a new wallet? 
Unclaimed METH tokens will follow the Bull when you move it to a different wallet or sell it on secondary. 

Are the Methane (METH) tokens inflationary or deflationary?

The METH tokens are deflationary. Whenever you use tokens to mint an Incubator, Merger Orb, Teen Bull or God Bull, half of those tokens are burnt, reducing the available pool of tokens.


Do my earned tokens move to a new owner if I sell them my Bull?

Unclaimed tokens move to a new owner along with the Bull when you sell it. Make sure you're claiming your tokens before you sell or move your bull to any wallet.


How many METH tokens will there be?

We have a max supply of 560 Million METH tokens, but the tokenization process is deflationary, reducing the token count as people use the tokens to mint within our economy. 50% of the tokens used to mint Incubators, Merger Orbs, Teen Bulls, and God Bull will be burnt out of the total supply. This means METH tokens become more rare as time goes on, improving the ecosystem for those that hold the token. More details about the tokenomics structure can be found in the tokenomics white paper which we will link here once published.

How do I check Number of METH tokens available per Bull? 

  1. Go to:https://etherscan.io/address/0x267f73c996b501af83d7989ea7f4df859d9656b2#readContract

  2. Make sure that "Read Contract" is selected.

  3. Select "getClaimableMeth"

  4. Enter the Bull ID in "tokenId"

  5. In the box below that says "isGodBull", you enter "false" if it is an OG bull. If it is a God bull you enter "true".

  6. Click "Query" and you will see how many Meth tokens can be claimed on given bull

Note: By the time you check the claimable METH for a Bull on Etherscan and decide to buy, the current owner could end up claiming those tokens or someone else could buy it, claim those tokens and put it up on sale again. Claiming METH tokens is a 30 second process, so make sure you're double checking the claimable METH right before you buy.  Check our discord & ask our Moderators if you have any queries. 

Is there additional tokenization planned?

Yes, we have already thought out the road map to Mint #3. We are excited to give you a verbal sneak-peek into Mint #2 which will be where we introduce the APES, and they will have a synergistic token effect with the Bulls. You will want to own both bulls and apes to benefit from this synergy.


What happens to the tokens that are used to mint incubators, merger orbs, Teen Bulls, and God Bulls?

50% of the tokens are moved to our treasury to reward holders in new ways and help expand the B.A.P. brand. The other 50% are burnt, creating a deflationary process, making the tokens more rare, and helping the ecosystem for all token holders.


What is a Guild?

Each of the bulls belongs to one of four guilds. The guilds will play additional utility in Mint #2, but for now, there is a big reason to pay attention to the guild your bulls belong to if you are interested in minting Teen or God bulls. OG Bulls must be of the same guild if you wish for them to generate an Incubator. And all four of your teen bulls need to be of different guilds in order to summon a God Bull. Let the fun begin!

Which guild will a new Teen Bull become a part of?
As with all teens, they are energetic, rambunctious, and unpredictable, so it's impossible to predict which guild they will be members of.


Where do I go to generate an incubator, merger orb, teen, or god bull?

All of the items that you can mint using METH tokens are available to do so from our Vault page on our website. If you have the appropriate number of tokens and assets, you can mint new NFT characters and items, including Incubators, Merger Orbs, Teen, and God Bulls.


Do Teen Bulls generate tokens?

No, Teen Bulls do not generate tokens. They do however have traits and rarities, some of which will be unique to Teen Bulls, just like the original bull. Teen Bulls are required to mint Merger Orbs and God Bulls. Teen Bulls will also have some special utility we will reveal in Mint #2. 


Do Teen and God Bulls go into the same collection?

The 500 God Bulls will be minted into the OG Bull collection. The Teen Bulls will be minted into their own collection. There will be a possible total of 12,450 Teen Bulls, but God Bull minting process creates a deflationary mechanism reducing the number of Teen Bulls as more God bulls are created. The final collection will have 9,000 Teen Bulls.


Do Incubators and Merger Orbs go into the same collection?

Yes, Incubators and Merger Orbs will go into their own collection together. They will not be added to the OG Bulls or Teen Bulls collection.


What do I need to make an incubator?

You need 600 Methane (METH) tokens and you need to have two original bulls of the same guild. Trying to use two bulls from different guilds will not qualify to make an Incubator.


How many times can I use my bulls to generate incubators?

OG Bulls have a 'breeding' trait that starts at 3. Each time two bulls are used to create an incubator, the breeding trait counter for both bulls will drop by one. When the counter reaches zero on the breeding trait, that bull can no longer be used to create an incubator.


What does an Incubator cost?

Incubators cost 600 Methane (METH) tokens. You also need two Original Bulls of the same guild.


How many Incubators are there?

There are a total of 12,450 Incubators that can be minted, one for each Teen Bull to be created. 1450 of the Teen Bulls will be burnt during the creation of 1450 Merger Orbs, and 2000 Teen Bulls will be burnt during the merging/summoning of the God Bull. This will leave 9,000 total Teen Bulls in the final collection.


Do Incubators expire?

Yes, Incubators must be converted into Teen Bulls 2 years after mint date. After this point, the Incubators will no longer convert to anything. Any un-minted Teen Bulls will auto-mint and be moved into the treasury.


What does a Teen Bull cost?

It costs 600 Methane (METH) tokens to acquire tech that will accelerate growth and instantly turn your incubator into a Teen Bull. The Incubator will be burnt and you will mint a new Teen Bull. 


How do I Summon a God Bull?

To summon a God Bull, you need a few things. You need 4800 Methane (METH) tokens, one Merger Orb, and you need four of the Teen Bulls from different guilds. It's this rare combination of DNA traits you get from four different guilds that allow those teens to touch the Merger Orb together at the same time and convert themselves into the summoned God. This process will burn the four NFTs of the Teen Bulls, and will generate one new ultra-rare God Bull NFT.


Do God Bulls generate tokens?

Yes, god bulls produce twice as many tokens as an original bull or 20 Tokens per day per God Bull. God bulls are also super rare (only 500 God Bulls vs. 10,000 Original Bulls.)

Do God Bulls belong to a guild? 

Yes, a newly created God Bull will be given one of the four guild classes randomly.


Do my teen bulls get burnt when I summon a god?

Yes, when a Teen Bull turns itself into a Merger Orb, that teen bull NFT is burnt and replaced with a new mint of a Merger Orb. The same happens when four of your Teen Bulls are converted into a God Bull -- they will be burnt and you will mint a new God Bull NFT. This creates an amazing deflationary process for the Teen Bulls, reducing the numbers from a maximum of 12,450 Teen bulls to a maximum of 9,000 for the final collection.


What utility does a God Bull have?

God bulls generate 20 tokens per day vs. the 10 tokens a regular bull generates. God Bulls are also super rare -- there are only 500 in the entire collection, making them 20X more rare than your standard bull NFT, and therefore more sought after. Even the most common of God Bulls is far rarer than most of the ultra-rare standard bulls.


Do God Bulls have traits and rarities?

Yes, like the OG Bulls, God Bulls will also have traits, some rarer than others. The God Bulls are already ultra rare, as there are only 500 ever to be minted vs the 10,000 OG Bulls. Owning a God Bull will be very special, and you should consider hanging on to it.


Will God Bulls be more expensive than regular Bulls?

The fact that there are 20X more regular bulls than God Bulls makes the God Bulls ultra-rare. The Market will determine the pricing of the God Bulls. We will not be selling God Bulls. We will be releasing 10 during the initial Mint. The remaining 490 God Bulls will be minted by Bull holders via the tokenization process ( see HOW DO I SUMMON A GOD BULL? )

What do I need to make a Merger Orb?

You need to have 2400 Methane (METH) tokens and one Teen Bull of any faction. The Teen bull will travel to the god summoning location and convert itself into a Merger Orb that begins the God Summoning process. From here, the Merger Orb will wait for the four Teen Bulls to arrive later. The one teen bull NFT is burnt, and replaced with a new Merger Orb mint.


What does a Merger Orb cost?

Merger Orbs cost 2400 (Methane) METH tokens and require one Teen Bull to be burnt (the Teen transforms itself into the Merger Orb.)


How many Merger Orbs are there?

There will only be 1490 Merger Orbs ever created.


Do the Merger Orbs Expire?

Yes, Merger Orbs will expire after two years.


Can I sell Incubators and Merger Orbs?

Yes, you can immediately sell your incubator or Merger Orb at any time. Before selling, please consider that both of these items have an opportunity to mint an ultra-rare version of a Teen or God bull.


Why do people sell Merger Orbs vs. just turning them into God Bulls?

To mint a God bull, you need four of the Teen Bulls and a Merger Orb to merge into the God Bulls. This may take some time to generate the necessary tokens to produce all of these assets. The path is much faster getting to a Merger Orb than it is to a God Bull, and so holders of our NFT's may opt to sell now vs. waiting.