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Do you want to add utility to an NFT you already own?


What is Community Tokenization?

It is an added utility for an asset you ALREADY OWN. Do you have an NFT from a Tokenized Community in your wallet? You can earn the B.A.P. Methane token!

How does it work?

Visit the My Collection page and Harvest your Methane daily. More in-depth details can be found here.

Still have questions? Join us every Tuesday at 9PM CST for "Tokenomics with Tankman", our live Twitter Space where we discuss all things related to B.A.P. tokenomics. Follow us on Twitter @BullsApesProj

Why do I want Methane?

Methane is a true utility token with diverse value. Within our ecosystem, it can be used to mint free NFTs (ex: God Bulls, Teen Bulls, and more!). Demand for Methane has led to the formation of trading and farming economies. AND an incredibly exciting additional use for Methane is on the horizon as we move towards rolling mints, with early access to tokenized communities, that can be minted using Methane!

What is Bulls & Apes Project?

B.A.P. boasts fantastic art & lore, engaging Tokenomics and Inner Circle membership that includes unprecedented access to VC Deal flow. Our team of 40+ is committed to continuously delivering value and maintaining focus on our vision to create a world of infinite opportunity and our mission of empowering communities to build worlds where they can live their best life.
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Nominate A Community To Be Part of Tokenization

At Bulls and Apes Project we are passionate about our mission to empower communities to build worlds where they can live their best lives. This belief is at the foundation of everything we do for not only our B.A.P. holders, but the overall web3 and NFT space.

Use Your NFT From Other Communities to Earn Rewards

We started with our FREE Intro to NFTs course and now with our brand new Community Tokenization Program, we’ve pushed the envelope on the idea of community. Through this new initiative, we will welcome members who hold assets of other projects into our B.A.P. token ecosystem.

What does all this mean? It means you can join our amazing "own-to-earn" platform by simply holding NFTs from one of our tokenized communities. We are so excited for this new way to welcome you into the Bulls and Apes universe and look forward to helping you Live Your Best Life!

Who Are the Communities Eligible to Earn Rewards?

Periodically we will be announcing new communities that have joined our community tokenization program. To find out if your community is already registered, check our list on the website here (insert link)

Anyone who holds assets from one of our selected communities is eligible to partake in our Community Tokenization Program.

Don’t see your community listed? Interested in your community joining our community tokenization program? Simply fill out this application and a member of our team will contact you for any additional information or next steps.

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