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b.a.p. inner circle venture capital Oct 13, 2022

Investing in Venture Capital: The Inner Circle’s Guide

The basis of NFT ownership is that the holder owns unique assets that cannot be duplicated. As this space continues to evolve, however, we see that NFT projects are offering utility as part of the value that comes with digital assets. The utility that comes with purchasing an NFT can run a wide gamut from IRL parties and events to exclusive investment opportunities, such as venture capital deals.

In the continued effort to help you create a world of unlimited opportunity, the Bulls and Apes Project team has made investing in venture capital easy for members of the Inner Circle. 


What is venture capital?

Venture capital (VC) is a type of investment in emerging companies with limited history and remarkable potential for growth.

These promising companies acquire financing by selling ownership stakes to venture capital funds. Along with that financing, the company benefits from the managerial expertise and technical support investors can offer. 


 Why should I consider investing in a venture capital deal?

The Bulls and Apes Project team works with experienced and successful venture capital firms. The project founders have a history of success and a proven methodology for choosing companies with high potential for returns.

Inner Circle members benefit from this experience as the founders consider different companies to offer for investment. They negotiate the best rates possible and carefully vet many deals to offer to Inner Circle investors. These exclusive investment opportunities are only open to those who qualify for this type of investment, thus offering investors the chance to diversify their investment portfolios.

Venture capital deal offers also allow investors to connect with a diverse range of companies and entrepreneurs.  


How can I begin investing in venture capital deals?

The first step is to confirm that you meet the income and asset requirements or to complete the Series 65 Accreditation Course the Bulls and Apes Project offers to Inner Circle Members.

The Series 65 program helps those who don’t meet the financial requirements to become accredited investors (learn more about how to become an accredited investor). Once you meet either of these qualifications along with the additional steps required as outlined on the Bulls and Apes website post, “How to Become Accredited,” you’re ready to begin investing in venture capital deals.

Of course, as with any investment, there are no guarantees for returns and everyone should do their own research before making personal financial decisions.



 The Bulls and Apes Project is committed to empowering its community to build worlds where our holders can live their best lives. Offering Inner Circle members exclusive venture capital deal opportunities opens a door to financial freedom that would be closed except to a select few.

Fortune favors the bold, so why not investigate further and learn how venture capital deal offers might help you live your best life?

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