The Power of Forge Blocks in Bulls and Apes Gamification

Jun 06, 2023


B.A.P. Nation! 

Are you ready for a vital piece in our next chapter of gamification? 

Forge Blocks are a vital component throughout the 6 phases on the Quest to God and Goddess Apes.  

Let’s dive in!


What are Forge Blocks?

They are integral ingredients needed for every formula in our game. Forge Blocks are required to complete formulas, create new unseen Traits, and are your ticket to acquiring a God or Goddess Apes. 


How Do You Use Forge Blocks?

Making Forge Blocks is as simple as it gets. You burn Ape Traits, and voila, you get Forge Blocks. Every Ape Trait you burn rewards you with one Forge Block. 

Just go to the Formulas page on our website and head to "Create Forge Blocks".

Not keen on burning your Ape Traits? No problem! 

You'll soon be able to grab Forge Blocks from secondary markets such as OpenSea or through trading in our community. 

There are multiple ways for you to secure these valuable assets and use them to your advantage in the game.


Why Are Forge Blocks Essential to the Game?

Forge Blocks are not just important, they're essential. 

Every formula you execute requires Forge Blocks. Some might even need more than one, depending on their level. This applies to both standalone Formulas and those within the God Ape Quest. 

In short, Forge Blocks are your keys to unlocking advanced gameplay and exploring new opportunities in the game.

Are you ready to create some Forge Blocks? Head to the new Formulas page and get started! 


Here are action items to get you ready for season 2 of gamification: 

  • Start burning Ape Traits and create some Forge Blocks
  • Open Loot Boxes to gather more Traits
  • Build up your Ape collection and get ready to make sacrifices 
  • Stack your $METH bags ready for the next phases     


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