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nft 101 Jan 09, 2023

We are constantly inundated with talk about new NFT projects, and it’s sometimes hard to determine which are worthy of our attention. We (hopefully) know to look for a project team that understands how to build a brand, cultivates a lively and robust community, and has doxxed founders with positive track records, but what other benefit could an NFT project hold?

There are many routes NFT creators and founders take to make their projects stand out. Holders realize benefits from owning NFTs and that utility has genuine value. Many offer holder IRL events, allowing holders to network and have fun. Utility NFTs might also include some gamification. In addition to both networking opportunities and gamification, The Bulls and Apes Project has created a program called L.E.A.D. to help their holders and the larger Web3 community learn and grow in this developing ecosystem.

What is L.E.A.D

L.E.A.D. stands for Learn, Empower, Achieve, and Develop. The Bulls and Apes Project team created this educational platform to help their community reach its potential by learning more about NFTs and Web3. Their goal in offering L.E.A.D. is to create a world of unlimited opportunity, and they’re working to develop and source educational materials to teach people about Web3. 

Opening Doors through Education

NFTs 101

The NFT space is growing and diversifying, and learning to enter into Web3 safely can take time. The Bulls and Apes Project team is curating a library of information to empower communities to build worlds where they can live their best life by accessing Web3, investment, and NFT-related educational opportunities. 


One example of this education is their free NFTs 101 course. This concise, easy-to-follow course is perfect for those with little to no NFT background knowledge and an interest in onboarding into the NFT space. NFTs are poised to restructure how we do business, and the B.A.P. team believes their community should be equipped with vital information to prepare for these changes. 


“We believe in the future of Web3 technology. In order for that technology to grow and find mass adoption, the gap between mainstream and niche has to be bridged.”

–Chris Carulli, Bulls and Apes Project L.E.A.D. Manager  


This brief, step-by-step course offers information on how to enter the NFT space safely. The NFTs 101 course is available to Bulls and Apes Project NFT holders and anyone else who might be interested in learning about NFTs. 


Series 65

The Bulls and Apes Project team proudly offers their holders access and tools to achieve financial freedom. VC deals are typically available to only a select few who meet rigid financial criteria. Because of their connections in the business world, the Bulls and Apes Team can select, vet, and negotiate deals at a reduced carry (the percent of profits paid to the fund) and offer these deals to accredited Bulls and Apes Project NFT holders. That’s where their Series 65 coursework offer comes into play. 


The first step to accessing venture capital deal flow is to become an accredited investor. Many will not meet the SEC’s financial requirements and must obtain a Series 65 license to qualify as accredited investors in good standing. Potential investors must gain a passing score of at least 72.3% on the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam, also known as the Series 65 test. 


To help their holders obtain this license, the Bulls and Apes Team partnered with Achievable to provide a reduced-rate preparatory Series 65 course. Once a B.A.P. NFT holder receives their license, they can research and choose what they feel are the most investment-worthy venture capital deal offers. 

What’s next for L.E.A.D?


The Bulls and Apes Team continuously strives to add to the L.E.A.D. library of educational resources. They will soon release their highly-anticipated Security Course, covering the foundations of security in the NFT and Web3 space. In addition to presenting proprietary coursework, future plans include mastermind access, a networking directory, and an array of educational tracks. Their evolving resource library is open to anyone interested in learning more, but different access levels are available to NFT holders and external users. 

The Bulls and Apes Team invites everyone to take advantage of the available resources on the L.E.A.D. platform and join them in creating worlds of unlimited possibility. Why not visit to learn more about Web3? Be sure to join the team on Twitter or Discord, and let them know what you think about L.E.A.D.

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