Celebrating 1 Year of Bulls and Apes: An Extraordinary Genesis Journey

May 26, 2023
Bulls and Apes One Year Anniversary

We can’t believe it's been a year since our Genesis mint! Time sure does fly when you never stop delivering. 

We're humbled by the achievements that defined this groundbreaking year and now thought this would be the opportune time to reflect on the incredible journey of the Bulls and Apes Project and celebrate the team's accomplishments.

Here are some of our remarkable achievements:


ETH-Back Guarantee

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful promise: the 6-Month ETH Back Guarantee

We confidently offered this unique feature to investors, and the results speak for themselves: Out of the 10,000 Genesis Bulls minted, a mere 15 were returned. 


From day one, transparency and accountability have been at the core of our ethos. 

We proudly introduced ourselves as doxxed founders, readily sharing our identities to foster trust and open communication. 

This unwavering dedication to transparency has formed a strong bond between our project team members and the community, reinforcing our shared journey towards success.


VC Deal Flow

As trailblazers in the investment landscape, we've been thrilled to present over 20 VC Deals to our community. 

From SpaceX to OpenSea, these opportunities have allowed our members to explore unique investment avenues and participate in cutting-edge ventures shaping our future. 

By providing access to these transformative opportunities, we empower our community to grow and prosper alongside us.


Tech Development

With over 45,000 token transfers processed directly on our website, we've worked tirelessly to develop seamless mechanics that enhance user experience. 

Our commitment to innovation has driven us to add over 200 tech features, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of web3 development.

These include:

TraitRanks a proprietary system that allows for dynamic, real-time tracking of rarity. 

Safe Claim which allows users to safely harvest Methane Token through a burner wallet.

We'll never stop pushing boundaries and striving for excellence.


Our Collections 

It started with the OG Bulls but then our ecosystem continued to expand exponentially. 

In just one year, the B.A.P. universe is now home to four unique collections including: 

God Bulls - Our rarest assets. The pinnacle of the B.A.P. Universe.

Teen Bulls - An essential part of our gamification and lore. 

Ape Collection - Dynamic, fully-customizable pfps. 

All four collections play an important role in our intricate gamification.


BOTB Acquisition 

In addition to our B.A.P. collections, Bull and Apes also acquired the iconic 2021 Bulls on the Block brand. 

We've integrated this amazing OG project into our community and gamification. 

Bulls run together! 



The Bulls and Apes Universe extends far beyond digital art. 

We've crafted an immersive lore, which currently spans over 60 minutes of video and 8 captivating chapters–with more in the works! 

This engaging narrative deepens the connection between collectors and their cherished Bulls and Apes, inviting them to become part of a rich and enchanting world that transcends the boundaries of the virtual realm.


B.A.P. Certified 

We believe in the power of community. 

That's why we've instituted a certification process to support our trait groups, fostering an environment where creativity thrives. 

By nurturing these groups, we empower our community members to grow and succeed alongside us.


Series 65 Training

Our dedication to empowering our community has led us to offer Series 65 training, providing our members with the opportunity to become Accredited Investors. 

By granting access to our venture capital deals, we open doors for our community, allowing them to explore new horizons and seize opportunities for financial growth.


The Shop

We recently introduced the Ape Trait Shop

A groundbreaking feature for Ape holders, who can now use METH tokens to buy some of our most exclusive Traits, including Tokenized Community Traits and new backgrounds created from the Bulls on The Block OG Bulls collection. 

More Ape Traits are added every week, giving holders an opportunity to explore infinite self-expression. 


IRL Events 

We celebrated the God Bull holders with two extraordinary curated IRL events held in Austin, TX and Las Vegas. Plus, we hosted a Mega Meet Up in Las Vegas for B.A.P. Nation and other Web3 enthusiasts. 

These gatherings brought the community together to spend quality time with our founders for unforgettable experiences, reinforcing the personal connections that underpin the Bulls and Apes Community.


This list highlights only some of the greatest achievements and emphasises the tireless dedication, innovation, and commitment the B.A.P. team has demonstrated over the past year. We've grown together, faced challenges head-on, and emerged stronger than ever.


What's Next?

Looking towards the future, we will continue to pioneer innovation in the NFT space, with a focus on our next two major initiatives: VC Deal Flow and the God and Goddess Apes! 

Excited about the new collection launch?  

While details remain under wraps for now, we urge you to keep an eye out for the God and Goddess Apes, they are coming!

Check out the God Ape teaser.


Thank You

As we gear up for another year of breakthroughs and successes, we want to thank our incredible community. Your support has been invaluable in shaping the Bulls and Apes Project, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 

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