B.A.P. Tokenomics 101

Jun 19, 2023
Bulls & Apes Project Methane ($METH) Token

Welcome to the Bulls & Apes Project!

This 101 guide is a one-stop shop with everything you’ll need to know to get started on your journey into B.A.P.

Bulls & Apes Project Collections

Genesis (OG) Bulls - The ultimate choice for diamond hands. Our original 10k PFP collection allows holders to receive access to the Inner Circle, VC deal flow opportunities, and more. 

God Bulls - The rarest and most powerful assets in the B.A.P. Universe, with only 500 in the collection. Gain access to the Inner Circle, exclusive limited drops, unique gaming mechanics, VC deals, private events, and much more. Created by our community through our gamified tokenomics ecosystem.

B.A.P. Apes - The collectors’ choice. Create your unique digital identity by designing a personalized NFT. Open Loot Boxes, choose from thousands of traits, level up, and create the rarest Ape. 

Teen Bulls - The rambunctious and rowdy collection. These Teens were minted as part of our tokenomics ecosystem. They provide utility as well as amazing and fun art!

Utilities - Also created through our tokenomics, these various NFTs all hold different value and utility for our community to be used in our ecosystem. 


Methane Token ($METH)

Methane Token is our ERC-20 in-universe token. $METH is the lifeblood of the B.A.P. ecosystem, used to mint and purchase assets, as well as being an integral component of many of the functions of our tokenomics. 

$METH is earned by either simply holding certain assets or harvesting from other eligible assets. 

OG and God Bulls are hold to earn.

  • OG Bulls with 1-3 Breeds (more on this later) earn 10 $METH tokens daily
  • OG Bulls with 0 Breeds earn 15 $METH tokens daily
  • God Bulls earn 100 $METH tokens daily

Teen Bulls are harvest to earn, 1-5 $METH tokens daily.

See Teen Bull Utility page for info on leveling up and bonuses

Resurrected Teens are own to earn, 7 $METH daily.

METH Machine Teens are also own to earn, + 5 $METH daily.

See God Bull Utility page for more info on Resurrected Teens, Meth Machines and leveling up 

Bulls on the Block OG, Bears, and Evos (acquired by B.A.P. 11/22) are all harvest to earn, 1-7 $METH daily.

See BOTB page for more details on leveling up and sets

Tokenized Communities Assets are also harvest to earn, 1-3 $METH daily.

See Community Tokenization page for more details. 

Apes = $METH multipliers.

All B.A.P. Apes, when paired with one of the following assets, will multiply their $METH generation. 

  • B.A.P. OG Bulls (with all 3 breeds) will generate 30 $METH per day
  • B.A.P. OG Bulls with 0-2 breeds will generate 20 $METH per day
  • B.A.P. Teen (not affected by a meth machine) will generate 2, 6, or 10 $METH per day depending on its level
  • B.A.P. Teen that is resurrected will generate 14 $METH per day
  • Bulls on the Block OG, EVO or Bear will generate 2, 4, or 8 $METH per day depending on their level
  • All tokenized community NFT’s will generate 2, 4, or 6 $METH per day depending on their level.

Each day, holders must harvest the METH their B.A.P. Teens, BOTB OG’s, EVO’s or Bears and the tokenized community assets generate. The generated tokens do not accumulate.


Where is $METH held?  

As our ecosystem grew (along with gas prices) we decided to offer our community the choice between on-chain and off-chain.

Many of our functions, including harvesting and transferring $METH, opening loot boxes, completing Formulas and more, are available both on-chain and off-chain. The following $METH related functions can be found on the My Collection page. 

$METH Bank - The off-chain account used to hold your $METH. The $METH harvested daily is automatically transferred here upon harvesting

Accumulated $METH - The $METH accumulated by your OG Bulls, God Bulls, and Resurrected Teens that do not require daily harvesting

“Move $METH” - Option to move your Accumulated $METH to your $METH bank

“Claim $METH” - Option to move the $METH in your $METH bank to your on-chain wallet

“Send $METH” - Option to send $METH to or from your on-chain wallet from your off-chain wallet and vice versa

If you have questions on this material, our professional moderators and amazing community will be happy to help. Join our Discord

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