What is the Bulls & Apes Project?

b.a.p. inner circle tokenomics Oct 13, 2022

What is The Bulls and Apes Project? (And How it’s Changing the NFT Space) 

 If you’ve heard the hype surrounding the NFT space, chances are that you’ve also heard about everything that can go wrong with them. This “next big thing” in the digital world is very intriguing, but there’s been a great deal of risk involved in buying into an NFT project. From rug pulls to cash grabs and anonymous founders, the NFT space can seem like a scary place - if you fail to choose your project carefully. 


The founders created the Bulls and Apes Project to help elevate this space to a new level, usher in unprecedented NFT project standards, and empower communities to build worlds where they can live their best lives. Here’s a quick dive into how they’re working to change this space. 


To help holders gain trust in them, the team of founders were some of the first to fully doxx themselves, wholly fund their project through the second mint, and offer an unprecedented 6-Month ETH-Back Guarantee. In doing this, they’ve shown they believe in transparency, that they’re able to execute their roadmaps, and their confidence in delivering the best NFT product possible. 


Beyond their desire to build trust, the founders had a grand vision for this project - to create a world of unlimited opportunity. Not only did they create innovative art for their holders, but they also included lore to explain the genesis and evolution of their bulls. This unique facet has been well-received by holders and is another way this project is setting itself apart. The Bulls and Apes Project team went on to offer expanded gamification and tokenomics that continues to evolve as the project grows. Their team is producing educational videos to help a larger community learn about NFTs, security, and the Web3 space in general. Stay tuned, because their future plans include immersion into the Metaverse, entertainment, merchandising, and media. 


As the Bulls and Apes Project continues growing, so does its dynamic and energetic community. Holders come together regularly in Twitter spaces and on their Discord channels and are inspired to create their own worlds. Holders are networking with one another, creating trait groups to promote their NFTs, and even using their bulls to brand nutritional products and fitness programs. They are finding that anything is possible with the support of other community members. 


The Bulls and Apes Project team is setting a new standard in this space that they believe will one day become the norm. Their efforts to remain transparent, offer financial security in an otherwise risky domain, and deliver an innovative product have resonated with the Web3 community. It’s no wonder this project is attracting new and seasoned holders to the NFT space.


Why not join the Bulls and Apes Community on Discord or Twitter to learn more about what they’re doing to help holders live their best lives?

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