Mastering Achievements in B.A.P.: Your Comprehensive Guide to Earning Achievement Flags

Jul 08, 2023
B.A.P. Achievement Flag

Welcome to your in-depth guide to our new gamification feature: Achievements.

We will cover how you can earn Achievement Flags and the vital role they play in the God Ape Quest

Let’s dive in!


What Are Achievements?

Achievements are activity-based accomplishments that reward your participation in various facets of our ecosystem. 

Activities include harvesting $METH daily, participating in special events, and engaging with the community.

Achievement Flags are required to complete the God Ape Quest, making them a valuable asset for season 2 of B.A.P. gamification. 

How do you acquire Achievement Flags? 

Here's a rundown:

METH Harvesting Achievements

To acquire METH Harvesting Achievement Flags, you'll need to consecutively harvest METH for a specific number of days. The more consecutive harvest days, the more flags you earn.

  • 2 Days in a Row - 1 Flag
  • 14 Days in a Row - 2 Flags
  • 28 Days in a Row - 3 Flags
  • 42 Days in a Row - 4 Flags
  • 56 Days in a Row - 5 Flags

*Important to note - METH harvesting is retroactive and, for Achievement purposes, begins on June 14, 2023. 

Harvest Champion

Have you been harvesting METH since Day 1? If so, you've earned the title of Harvest Champion along with 50 Achievement Flags!  

Ape Trait of the Day Achievements

Participate in the Ape Trait of the Day on Twitter for consecutive days to get flags. It's that simple! But remember, consistency is key here.

  • 2 Days in a Row - 1 Flag
  • 14 Days in a Row - 2 Flags
  • 28 Days in a Row - 3 Flags
  • 42 Days in a Row - 4 Flags
  • 56 Days in a Row - 5 Flags
  • 60 Days in a Row - 6 Flags

Essential Steps For Ape Trait of the Day

  1. Use The Configurator to design an Ape using the Ape Trait of the Day. The calendar will tell you what the trait of the day is.
  2. Make a standalone post of your Ape on Twitter with #ApeTraitOfTheDay.
  3. Make sure to tag and follow TankMan and Anthony, and tag and follow 3 Alpha Bulls.
  4. DM @AToD_BAP on Twitter.

Entries close daily at 11:59 PM CST.

*Important to note - Eligible claims are not live and will not appear immediately. Claims will be added periodically when the system is updated.

Sacrificer’s Secret Trials Achievements

Did you see the secret trials that reward you with flags? 

The trials were specific tasks designed to test your Ape’s worthiness. Each completed trial earnt users flags. 

The Sacrificer’s Trials were: :

  • Trial 1: Post the Sacrificer image on Twitter
  • Trial 2: Open any Loot Box
  • Trial 3: Sacrifice one of your Traits to create a Forge Block. 

While the Trials are currently closed, those who participated can claim an Achievement Flag. 

There will be more opportunities like this as we progress through the phases!

Remember the key to Achievements is consistent engagement. Keep playing the game and you will be rewarded! 

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