God Ape Quest: The Guide

Jun 15, 2023
God Ape Quest


Welcome to your introduction to the God Ape Quest!

This Guide will be dynamic, constantly changing and being updated as the quest progresses. Bookmark it now!

Looking for a streamlined explanation of what assets you need in each Phase?

Check out God Ape Quest Cheat Sheet.


What is the God Ape Quest?

The God Ape Quest (GAQ) is the newest version of our gamified tokenomics ecosystem, offering a unique NFT experience to our community.

The GAQ is a campaign in which B.A.P. holders will use their assets to complete tasks on the road to minting a God or Goddess Ape. It consists of six phases, each lasting three weeks (with community unlocks available to expedite each phase).

A variety of tactics will be required to navigate the entire campaign including but not limited to:

  • Formulas
  • Achievements
  • METH Spending
  • Loot Box Opening
  • Trait Burning
  • Asset Accumulation


Why Should I Participate?

The GAQ is the second iteration of our gamified tokenomics ecosystem.

The first took place over the Summer and Fall of 2022, in which the community used assets their BAP NFTs accumulated or produced to complete a campaign to mint God Bulls.

This was an incredibly successful campaign that not only led to the creation of 500 God Bulls (current floor 2+ETH; ATH 10ETH) but also produced our Teen and Utility collections.

Participation led to the creation of a large variety of assets for our community to accumulate, sell, and trade. 


How to Get Started:

Ready to jump in and join the fun? Great! Read our guide or watch the walkthrough with Tankman here.

The game begins on the God Ape Quest home page. This page hosts our Quest Map & Community Unlock gauge and will be expanded in the future to include some additional data and info as needed. 

  1. Click link to begin your quest. You will be greeted with an intro video providing some context to the quest and B.A.P. Lore
  2. You’ll be asked to decide if you want to join Team Ava or Team Vyl. This decision will impact which path you will follow through the quest. Both paths have the same essential requirements and will have equal levels of difficulty. 
  3. After choosing your team, begin God Ape Quest!
  4. The phase requirements (seen on the Quest Map) will take place on the God Ape Quest tab on the Formulas page 


Formulas Explained

Formulas are the central activity throughout the GAQ in which multiple ingredients are combined to create a new asset.

Every formula will require at least 1 forge block.

Ingredients will include additional Traits as well as $METH.

For example: 


God Ape Quest Formulas

To create GAQ-specific Formulas: 

Select the Forged Trait you would like to create. The full formula with required ingredients will appear on the right side of the screen.

Click “Select Trait” to reveal the traits you have in your wallet that match the ingredient requirements (listed at the bottom, ie. Rarity: OG Mint or Forged Trait- see Terminology for definitions of these traits)

To complete the formula you will need all required ingredients, including the METH and Forge Blocks necessary. Visit the Formulas Blog for more detail. 

If you haven't created a Forge Block yet, click the Create Forge Block link.

Visit Forge Block Blog for more detail. 

Phase 1 includes 2 Formulas. The Forged Traits from these Formulas must be completed in order to complete the phase and advance to Phase 2. 

Phase 1 Walkthrough with Tankman


Achievements are another core activity throughout the GAQ. You will be rewarded Flags, standalone NFTs that can be equipped to your Ape, sold, or traded, for your participation in certain tasks in our economy, gamification, social media and more.

How To Earn Achievement Flags:

  1. METH Harvesting
  2. Harvest Champion
  3. Ape Trait of the Day
  4. Sacrificer’s Secret Trials (Now Closed)

For more info, here is an in-depth look into Achievement Flags

We will be adding more opportunities for you to earn Achievement Flags as we progress through the 6 phases.


God Ape Quest Terminology

Achievement - Activity based accomplishments that reward participation in our economy, gamification, social media and more that are represented with valuable "Achievement Flags". These flags will be required and may offer certain advantages in the GAQ gameplay.

Community Unlock - The ability for the community as a whole to unlock the next phase of GAQ gameplay by completing a predetermined requirement or set of requirements

Forge Block- An NFT that is required for every formula, create a forge block by burning any trait here (link to page)

Forged Trait - Any trait created using a standalone or game formula

Formula - Asset based activity in which multiple ingredients will be combined to create a new asset, a “Forged Trait”. Every formula will require at least 1 forge block. Ingredients would include additional traits as well as $METH

God Ape Quest Game Page - The area of the Formulas page in which the tasks and phases of the GAQ can be executed. Found at https://mint.bullsandapesproject.com/formulas#god_ape_quest 

God Ape Quest (GAQ) - The gamified campaign in which B.A.P. holders use their assets to complete tasks on the road to minting a God Ape

God Ape Quest Page - The “home base” for GAQ gameplay. Found at https://mint.bullsandapesproject.com/god-ape-quest

Map Legend - Located on the Quest Map, the legend shows the previously shared requirements needed throughout the GAQ. 

OG Trait - Any trait available on an Ape during the original mint

Path- The GAQ begins with a decision! Team Ava or Team Vyl?? This decision will determine your path. 

Phase - The individual levels of the GAQ. Each phase will have different tasks/requirements. Phases will be time locked at a set duration of 3 weeks which can be expedited by Community Unlocks

Phase 1- The opening phase of the GAQ. Phase 1 will require the user to complete 2 different formulas. The forged traits created in these formulas will be required in Phase 2 of the GAQ as seen on the Quest Map. 

Quest Map - The visual overview for the entire GAQ. The map will be updated to include more information as the community reveals different assets and unlocks phases. The updates to the Map may be unannounced so checking the map frequently is recommended.

Standalone Formula - Any formula that is not specific to the GAQ. Standalone formulas will be released weekly, will feature previously unreleased traits, and will have a variety of different requirements and levels of difficulty. Some standalone formulas will be required in the GAQ gameplay.

Tankenomics - The B.A.P. Twitter Space for all things GAQ, Tokenomics, Strategy, Alpha and more. Tuesdays 8pm CST

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