Unleashing the Game-Changing Power of Ape Formulas

Jun 07, 2023
B.A.P. Formulas


Hey B.A.P. Nation, 

So you’ve burned some Traits to create some Forge Blocks…What’s next?! 

Ready yourselves for an exciting upgrade to our Ape gamification–the introduction of Formulas! 

This guide will decode Formulas, describe how to use them, and explain their pivotal role in our gamification. 


Decoding Formulas

Formulas are carefully crafted sequences of instructions that yield new Traits not available in Loot Boxes

These sequences are made up of Ape Traits (and maybe a few other assets you may recognize). All Formulas include at least one Forge Block

Picture it as a recipe; these are the ingredients for creating a brand-new Trait!

Important: All ingredients used to create the new Trait will be burned and gone forever! 


Mastering Formulas

Formulas are all about collection, design, and transformation. 

Gather unique combinations of Traits and items, and then burn them into a Trait that is not available in Loot Boxes. 

All formulas require a combination of Traits, meaning it is now more important than ever to start collecting and holding Ape Traits

Why Formulas Matter

Formulas are now an integral part of our game that inject an electrifying sense of discovery and progression. 

Standalone Formulas will continue to be released, giving holders the opportunity to reveal and own some of the coolest Traits our art team could conceive. Equipping these cool new Traits will significantly impact an Ape’s rarity and rank. 

Additionally, every phase of the game unrolls predefined Formulas that blend Traits and Forge Blocks into new Traits and assets required to complete the God Ape Quest. 

The thrill lies in the unveiling – Formulas remain a mystery until more phases unlock. 

Interestingly, some Traits in one phase could be crucial for subsequent phases. The intrigue and excitement of strategic decision-making make Formulas an indispensable component of our game.


Prepare for Formulas

Formulas are now live, and more and more will be slowly released. It's a wise time to start stockpiling your B.A.P. assets and $METH bags! 

Get ready by collecting Traits and Apes. You can find Traits in Loot Boxes, Apes on OpenSea

As always, prepare for the unexpected! We’ve got some fun and surprising plans for Formulas. Make sure to sign up for our email to never miss one of these unique opportunities. 

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