The Return of the Bulls: Phase 3 of The God Ape Quest has Started!

Jul 28, 2023
God Ape Quest Phase 3 Now Open

Prepare yourselves, B.A.P. community! The Bulls are back and ready to charge in Phase 3 of the God Ape Quest. 

This time, it's not just about the Apes - your OG Bulls are going to play a crucial role in the action.

Best of all, you don't need to worry if you haven’t completed Phases 1 & 2 yet. Phase 3 is independent from the Quest’s previous phases

Get ready, a thrilling journey awaits you!


Gearing Up for Phase 3

The requirements are the same for both Team Ava and Team Vyl.

To successfully complete Phase 3, you'll need:

  • Two Full Breed OG Bulls from the same guild
  • 1800 $METH
  • 16 Forge Blocks
  • 1 God Life Force (Available for 20 Achievement Flags in The Shop)


New God Types Are Coming

The God Element Backgrounds are key to defining the type of God Ape you mint. Phase 3 brings with it a revelation: three new types of Gods joining the original ten. The newcomers are Ice, Alpha, and an unknown type to be revealed later down the line.

One God type will maintain a degree of rarity with fewer available Gods than the others. 

There will be more God Elements to be minted than there are Gods available. These extra Elements can be used as backgrounds for your dynamic Apes.

The Community Unlocks for Phase 4 mirror those of Phase 3, meaning Phase 4 can be unlocked a week early if:

  • 50% of the 750 total active unique wallets complete Phase 3.
  • 200 unique accounts participate in the Ape Trait of the Day on a single day.


Required Assets to Complete Phase 3

Here's a quick summary of what you'll need to complete Phase 3:

  • 2 OG Bulls (same guild, full breed)
  • 1800 $METH
  • 16 Forge Blocks
  • God Life Force
  • Element Incubator (created during the phase)


Embark on Your Quest

Don't hesitate! Embrace the return of the Bulls and join the God Ape Quest to embark on this exciting journey. Your God Ape awaits!

If you need some help understanding some of the terms used in this post, please refer to our God Ape Quest Guide

Here you will also find a new Cheat Sheet to help assist you with passing through each of the phases. 

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