In Search of Ava: How to Discover the Exclusive 1/1 NFT

Jul 13, 2023
Ava is Here in an Epic Loot Box

We have some huge news for you and an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Let’s not beat around the bush: We're here to present Ava, a rare and exclusive 1/1 NFT that is hidden and waiting to be discovered.

Those of you embarking on the God Ape Quest will know the significance of finding the rebel leader and why this will be one of the most highly coveted B.A.P. assets to date. 

Ava: The Rebel

Ava is a rebellious female Ape in the B.A.P. universe. Subjugated under the rule of Vyl, Ava amassed a rebellion force among the Apes and decided to strike back! 

Ava's objective? Make sure the tyrant Vyl can no longer rule. She's formed her team to accomplish just that.

Why is Ava so important? Because securing Ava means securing Courage incarnated and standing against evil Vyl.  

How To Find Ava

Ava, the highly anticipated 1/1 Ape NFT, is hidden somewhere within our Epic Loot Boxes. Her revelation will be an event of epic proportions.

To keep the thrill intact, we aim to unveil Ava in one of the first 1000 Epic Loot Boxes. Plus, after every 100 boxes, we're ramping up the odds of her discovery.

That’s not where it ends… 

Alongside Ava 8 unique Epic "Spotlight" Traits and 20 fresh Epic Traits await.

You read that right. In 40% of Epic Loot Boxes, you will uncover one of these astounding additions. For the icing on the cake, anyone who reveals a new Trait also earns an Achievement Flag!

The Clock Is Ticking

The time for action is now.

Start opening Epic Loot Boxes, uncover the hidden gems, and seize Ava. Start your hunt HERE.

The clock is ticking. Good luck! 


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